Management Team

Craig Ng
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Craig Ng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Regal Global Capital Group. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada majoring at Actuarial Science with Finance option. He is a serial entrepreneur and he has founded a number of successful enterprises since year 3 in university, covering the industries of education, fintech, fashion, trading and manufacturing.

In recent years, Craig has been focusing on investing in real estate development projects in the North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Using his niche skill sets developed from his actuarial background, he has been able to deploy technical, mathematical and statistical knowledge to help refine his investments and thus able to generate higher absolute return than the industry norm. He has helped his ultra-high net worth clients and family offices in transacting over $5 billion of investments in spectrum of assets globally up until now.

Craig was honorably invited to join the prestigious global Entrepreneur Organization (EO) in 2015 and currently an active fellow member. He participates in many global entrepreneurship and charity events to contribute to the society. While his accomplishments and contributions made to the society had been well recognized over the years, Craig was honorably nominated for and won the "2018 World Outstanding Chinese Award" and was granted a honorary doctorate degree.
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Joseph Leung
CFA FRM, Chief Investment Officer
Joseph Leung is the Chief Investment Officer of Regal Global Capital Group. He graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring at Civil Engineering and was awarded a MBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong concentrating in Entrepreneurship and China Business. He is a Chartered Engineer in Civil Discipline, a qualified Financial Risk Manager and a Chartered Financial Analyst in the financial industry.

Upon his university graduation, Joseph joined AECOM and was involved in the design and project management work of a number of local infrastructure projects with budgeting over 3 billion HKD. Afterwards he proceeded to develop his finance profession by working in KGI and Target Capital Management Limited as the Managing Director, in which he was responsible for managing the investment portfolio of high-net-worth Individuals in UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank with an AUM over 200 million USD.

In recent years, Joseph has been studying in Harvard Business School and London Business School to further his expertise in launching new ventures and managing private equity investments.
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Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee is the Director supervising the Investor Relationship affairs in Regal Global Capital Group. She graduated from the Warwick University in the United Kingdom majoring at Psychology and she is a certified gemologist and Master of Wine.

Jennifer previously worked at Merrill Lynch private wealth Management. With her expertise and unique skill sets, Jennifer has been able to identify sound business opportunities in alternative investments and thus able to advise our ultra-high net worth clients to invest in real estate projects and luxury products in particular jewelries and wines. As a rising star in the world of jewelries, she has also built a resourceful network among the local billionaires and luxury brand professionals in Mainland China, Western Europe and Asia Pacific.
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Jay Cheng
Certified Private Banker, Director
Jay Cheng is the Director of Regal Global Capital Group. He holds a MBA degree (awarded from the University of Sunderland) and is a Certified Private Banker in the financial industry.

Jay previously worked as the Executive in Citibank and AIA and has developed over 15 years of expertise in wealth management together with estate planning. With his technical knowledge and industrial experience, he has been helping our ultra-high net worth clients and family offices to accomplish global asset allocation and setup family trusts. Moreover, Jay is well connected to a group of professional lawyers, accountants, bankers, brokers and trustees to add values for our prestige clients. He has been known for his outstanding and systematic management skills in the industry. He has been actively invited to give speech to companies in the industry.
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Bin Yang
CFA, FRM, Non-Executive Director
Bin Yang is the Non-Executive Director of Regal Global Capital Group and is responsible for strategic direction, business development advisory in the North America region and sits on the Investment Committee of the Group. He is a Senior Quantitative Researcher for FT AlphaParity, LLC, a division of Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions and is the board member of the Investment Committee of Royal Global Capital Group.

He is a member of FT AlphaParity, LLC's Quantitative Research team and focuses on risk premia strategies, portfolio construction methodologies and the identification of factor regimes. Prior to FT AlphaParity, LLC, Mr. Yang was a quantitative researcher for AlphaParity, LLC, a quantitative global macro hedge fund which was purchased by Franklin Templeton Investments. Previously, Mr. Yang was a quantitative researcher at Credit Suisse Asset Management, where he focused on developing quantitative macro strategies; managed trade executions and operations for the Global Tactical Asset Allocation fund.

Mr. Yang holds a BCS in computer science from University of Waterloo. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder and a Financial Risk Management (FRM) charter holder.
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Chad Gemmell
Non-Executive Director
Chad is the Non-Executive Director of Regal Global Capital Group,in this capacity he advises the CEO and CIO on investment opportunities globally. Chad holds an MBA from NSYSU and an undergraduate degree in finance from Lakehead University. He has also lived and worked in Asia for 2 years.

Chad has transacted over $5 billion of real estate during his career. Up until recently Chad was a Vice President at JLL (formerly Jones Lang LaSalle), where he was co-head of the Debt Capital Markets group along with Amar. In 2015, Chad founded the first online marketplace, Real Crowd Capital, to connect property owners with sources of capital and has grown the company to become one of the biggest property investment entities in the North America.

Chad is an avid cyclist and a top ranked squash player at TAC. He has two fury babies - TukTuk and Kaya. He is also involved with CRELA and Educate cause.
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Ken Ip
Non-Executive Director
Ken Ip is the Non-Executive Director of Regal Global Capital Group and is responsible for advising venture and private equity investments for our clients' capitals. He has a MBET and a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

As an outstanding entrepreneur, Ken has been breathing and living product, engineering, and design for the past decade. He has been a developer, team lead, CTO, and founder in the Toronto tech scene, where he defined best-practice development processes, architected scalable products, and raised funding. Ken cares deeply about the intersection of business and technology and has mentored several companies. With his global resources and experience, he manages to create values for our portfolio companies by optimizing operation activities and formulating innovative business models.
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Flora Jia
Vice President
Flora Jia is the Vice President leading the Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility team of the Group.

In her early career, Flora has been specializing in commodity trading and has developed over 20 years of extensive experience and global resources in this industry. Now she is a seasoned angle investor involving in a number of startups and ventures related to new energy, environmental protection and agriculture.

During leisure time, Flora is a proactive volunteer in different Charitable Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as consulting the Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns for many enterprises.
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