Dedicated to Complex Family Office Needs
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Dedicated to Complex
Family Office Needs

Regal Global Capital's Family Office Services are dedicated to serve the needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. We provide investment, fiduciary, custody, financial reporting and investment advisory solutions as well as multigenerational families strategic succession planning and customized asset allocation advisory.

Our family office clients implement sophisticated investment programs, utilize multiple internal, external, domestic and global money managers, require complex reporting and often do work within the framework of a family office to manage and oversee a variety of financial needs and wealth transfer strategies.

We foster long-term relationships with our clients by offering an unparalleled combination of service, institutional expertise and global capabilities which are aligned with their distinct needs.

Why a family office?

Many families are turning to family offices as a way to meet their needs, to provide greater control over their wealth and to handle their affairs. Since every family has its own unique set of needs, there are as many types of family offices as there are families. Some provide basic administrative support while others oversee asset management or run the family’s daily affairs. Once the family office is established, it is likely to serve multiple generations, across which there may be a range of different needs that require various wealth management strategies. A well run family office successfully synthesizes these strategies to ensure that they support the wealth management goals of the family as a whole.

Here are a few ways a family office can benefit a family:

a. Protecting family wealth — by ensuring it is structured in compliance with relevant legislation and regulation requirements

b. Spreading investment risk — by diversifying family wealth

c. Improving family cohesion and generational transition — by enabling debate within the family about strategic asset allocation and key investment decisions

d. Clarifying governance over how the family stewards its wealth — by establishing proper processes to manage the assets

e. Managing the personal affairs of family members — making your lives easier

Investment Advisory

Our investment expertise allows you to think strategically to deliver consistent performance across market cycles and achieve investment objectives for your family office.

a. Detailed, quantitative portfolio risk and performance reporting

b. Strategic assessment of objectives and results

c. Asset allocation consulting

d. Search and selection of "best of breed" managers

e. Ongoing oversight and evaluation of managers

f. Complete investment program management

g. We begin by establishing a clear understanding of your objectives, and then design a customized multi-manager investment program featuring individualized services, innovative products and advanced technology that seek to meet your evolving needs.

Global Asset Allocation

With multiple money managers, asset classes and partnerships, managing and controlling the financial information of a family office can be arduous and time-consuming. Working with a global asset servicing provider gives you greater control and security, as well as thorough, consolidated reporting of all assets. Family offices rely on us daily to serve as a dedicated resource and extension of their existing operations.

We provide a range of asset servicing capabilities including master record-keeping, income collection, dividend payment and trade settlement across the broad spectrum of financial assets. You benefit from efficient processing, attentive service and consolidated information management at the click of a mouse via Wealth Passport.

Building upon our custody services, we also offer alternative asset servicing, complete data aggregation solutions, general ledger solutions, performance analysis and document management.

Private Banking
Our bankers have extensive backgrounds in corporate, international and private banking, and will work with you to develop creative, customized strategies to suit you. We have expertise to address complex situations including challenging legal or tax structures, closely held businesses or complex trust and estate plans. Each banker is supported by credit analysts and associates to meet all your anticipated credit needs.
Our expert staff takes pride in executing your administrative, tax and accounting needs. Services include:

a. Accurate, efficient trust operations and asset custody

b. Expertise in selection and oversight of multiple managers

c. Ongoing auditing and regulatory oversight

d. Proactive working relationship with legal counsel

e. Prepare trust tax returns and maintain tax costs

f. Maintain asset titles and inventory

g. Ongoing, accurate fiduciary accounting

h. Manage marketable and closely held assets

i. Exercise of discretion on behalf of beneficiaries

j. Delaware and offshore trusts

k. Depth of expertise in alternative investments

l. Specialization in management of minerals, real estate, family business and farming as well as closely held assets such as limited partnerships

m. Blind trusts for government officials and corporate directors

n. Investment management consistent with our fiduciary duties to the income and remainder beneficiaries


a. Meets with families and advisors to understand their needs

b. Structures asset holdings in order to meet those needs

c. Manages liquidity to ensure the structure operates efficiently

Whether it's for tax purposes, investment purposes, or to start a new business, there are many reasons why high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs decide to immigrate to the other countries. No matter what your circumstances, RGCG can help you make a smooth transition while minimizing tax implications. We offer a variety of personalized services and professional assistance to support high-net-worth individuals, international investors, and business entrepreneurs looking to immigrate to the other countries.
Our high net worth immigration services include:

a. Pre-immigration tax planning

b. Pre-departure wealth management and estate planning

c. Assist with documentation and application preparation

d. Assist with the legal services at the destination

e. Assist with the whole process of the application

f. Assist with the investment consultation to meet the immigration criteria

g. Assist with the obtaining of the permanent residence card

h. Work with your attorney to prepare the legal documentation and paperwork required during the visa application process

i. Provide a referral to attorneys for immigration law

j. Assist with the landing services - temporary housing, buying a home, educational planning, concierge services and family office services
Popular countries including:


- Canada

- Australia

- New Zealand

- United Kingdom of the British

- Portugal

- Spain

- Hungary

- Greece

- Singapore

- Vanuatu